Download the Negotiation Checklist:

Preparing For Your Promotion & Raise Discussion

This detailed checklist outlines proven steps to ensure your next promotion and salary discussion will result in your most desired outcome.


These steps are the same steps my client, Sondra, used to achieve a 30% raise and promotion. I also used them when I asked for and received a 29% increase and promotion from a previous employer.


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Jennifer Howell

Supporting Your Leadership Journey

Hi, there. I understand the stakes are high when navigating challenging people and work situations. It can feel like there is no room for mistakes.


Our services are designed to help leaders, achievers and workplaces gain vital skills and strategies so you can lead with greater confidence and ease.


When you’re ready, I look forward to connecting and helping you achieve your goals. Our clients have experienced  career promotions, greater influence, stronger communication skills and dramatic business growth.


Cheering you on,

Jennifer Howell

Founder, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach