Executive Leadership Team Boosts Focus, Cohesion, and Leadership Skills

c Boosts Focus, Cohesion, and Leadership Skills

The Client’s Challenge

This animal-saving organization engaged Spark EQ to assist the CEO with leadership development for the executive leadership team (ELT). During interviews and meetings with the CEO and ELT, Spark EQ and the CEO determined the following was needed:

  • Provide guidance on how to prioritize the ELT’s goals to ensure teams meet expectations.
  • Establish a cohesive set of leadership best practices to help ELT develop greater performing teams throughout the organization. 
  • Deliver coaching and development to equip the ELT to better lead through change, manage inevitable conflict, and help their employees strengthen resilience.


This client provides innovative lifesaving programs designed to save the animals most at risk of euthanasia. They also partner with shelters, rescues, and communities across the nation to do the same. Their programs include adoption services, fostering, sheltering, vet care, volunteer training, thrift stores and animal advocacy. Since 2008, this organization has saved 110,000+ animals.


“Thank you so much for all of the guidance and support you’ve been providing me. It’s been so valuable to me both personally and professionally. Thank you for everything!” – Executive Leadership Team Member


The Solution

Spark EQ provided coaching, training, and workshop facilitation for the executive leadership team to facilitate professional development for all participants. 

  • Provided individual coaching sessions for 13 leaders, including the CEO, to address acute work situations and reinforce skill development.
  • Delivered best practices, templates, and immediate feedback, as well as EQi-2.0 and iMap assessments for all participants.
  • Crafted and facilitated monthly leadership workshops and team discussions for the leadership team. Topics included:
    • How to Build High Performing Teams
    • Improving Clarity, Goal Setting & Pruning
    • How to Give Effective Feedback
    • Strategies to Communicate with Greater Influence
    • How to Manage Conflict with More Ease
    • Crafting Team Agreements
    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence & Strengthening Your Culture
    • Goal Setting & Pruning
    • Defining and Delivering Accountability
    • Clarifying Role Expectations and Defining Success Metrics
    • How to Lead Through Change

The Results

Throughout the engagement, the executive leadership team achieved the following:

  • Developed greater leadership, communication and conflict management skills.
  • Accelerated performance and team cohesiveness.
  • Improved goal clarity and a greater ability to focus on the right priorities.
  • Established best practices for building high performing teams.
  • Created Team Agreements for the executive leadership team.
  • Addressed employee situations with greater ease.


“I enjoyed working with you, and thank you so much for all of your help and teaching me a few (LOL- a lot) things I didn’t know!” – Executive Leadership Team Member