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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Master vital skills, stand out from the rest, and reach your goals. Executive and leadership coaching is for executives, senior leaders and emerging leaders who are seeking to advance in their roles, are new in their roles or who are challenged with a specific issue.


Spark EQ provides a multi-month, structured program that includes goal setting, assessments, best practices, skill development, and continuous feedback. Sample leadership topics include career promotions and negotiation, communicating with influence, leading high performing teams, strategic decision making, improving clarity and strengthening emotional intelligence.

Team Performance Coaching

Receive simplified strategies and team coaching to improve the effectiveness and overall success of your people. Team performance coaching is ideal for teams grappling with change(s) to organizational structure, leadership, or performance expectations. This service is also for teams experiencing breaches in trust, high levels of conflict or difficulty communicating and collaborating with one another.


Spark EQ provides a multi-month, structured program that includes goal setting, assessments, training, coaching sessions, and evaluation to help teams achieve and sustain peak performance.

Workshops & Offsites

Learn essential competencies to succeed and thrive at work. Workshops and offsites are ideal for leadership teams, functional teams, cohorts or employee resource groups (ERGs) seeking to learn essential competencies for success and performance.


Spark EQ provides half-day, single-day or multi-day sessions that include skill building, hands on practice, and simple strategies for ongoing learning.


A few of our in-demand workshop topics include:

  • Drive Team Performance with Key Influence Strategies
  • Leading Through Change
  • Coach Your Team For High Performance
  • Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Manage Conflict With More Ease
  • Lead Courageous Conversations
  • Resilience: Tactics to Raise Your Individual & Team Resilience
  • How to Play Bigger to Reach Your Goals
  • Networking Strategies for Business Development

Organizational & Team Consulting

Achieve change with greater impact to your organization and/or team. Organization and team consulting services are ideal for executives and leaders seeking strategic direction and/or tactical execution of initiatives involving people processes and performance.


Spark EQ provides consulting services to improve performance management, optimize hiring and onboarding, and culture initiatives.