Jennifer Howell Named Top 15 Coach in Dallas, Texas

Top Dallas Coach

Jennifer Howell Named Top 15 Coach in Dallas, Texas

Jennifer Howell, Spark EQ founder and executive coach, has been named as one of Dallas’ Top 15 Coaches of 2022. According to Influence Digest, their team did extensive research and published a comprehensive list of top coaches located in this major city. Jennifer previously appeared in Influence Digest’s Top 20 Executive Coaches in 2020.

“I am incredibly honored to be recognized for a second time by Influence Digest. Partnering with incredible clients to help them thrive and succeed has been one of my greatest joys in life,” said Jennifer Howell.

If you are an executive or leader that is seeking to up-level your performance, influence and leadership skills, we invite you to schedule a video chat with Jennifer to connect further.

About Jennifer Howell and Spark EQ

Spark EQ is a boutique consulting firm that provides executive and leadership coaching, team development, and group facilitation. Spark EQ’s clients have experienced career promotions, dramatic business growth, elevated leadership skills and strengthened emotional intelligence. 

Jennifer Howell, CEO of Spark EQ, integrates proven strategies with first-hand expertise she developed over 20 years working for and with early-stage, growth and Fortune 500 companies, including Accenture, State Street Corporation, Bank of America, the American Heart Association, Friends of the Children, and Credera. Jennifer has built masterminds for Fortune 500 executives, facilitated an award-winning mentor program for 180 professionals and raised millions for charitable causes.

Learn more about Spark EQ’s services by visiting or connecting with Jennifer on LinkedIn.