Resources to Lead Through Uncertain Times

Resources to Lead Through Uncertain Times

Resources to Lead Through Uncertain Times

You’ve been on my mind… 

  • Those working from home who haven’t done so for long stretches of time,
  • Small business owners, 
  • Friends who live alone,
  • People with compromised immune systems, 
  • Helpers who have the means to give more of themselves in times of need,

And the list goes on.

I’ve been leaning on a few actions and resources that have been helpful to me in the midst of uncertainty with COVID-19. These resources are listed below in the event they may bring comfort to you, too. 

To be completely transparent with you, I’ve been feeling like a yo-yo lately. One minute I feel a great sense of discomfort and worry – “What’s going to happen with the economy? Will my parents be ok? How long will this last?” ” And then within hours, even minutes, I feel calm, hopeful and optimistic – “This is good! I’m learning to slow down, trusting that all will be well and am practicing vulnerability with friends.” Does anyone else feel this way?

Whenever I get frustrated with this emotional rollercoaster I’m on, I remember what many great teachers have said time and time again – BE PRESENT. What you are feeling in this moment is COMPLETELY OK. Sit with your thoughts and feelings. Feel them and allow them. Then return to gratitude, love and kindness for yourself and others. 

My current mantra that I’ve been saying out loud to myself is, “All is well, and all will be well.”

If you need a kind word, someone to connect to, guidance or an open-mind person to listen to you, send me an email. Contact me here.

Cheering you on,




10. I’m grateful for the opportunity to snuggle with my dog several times a day.

9. I’m grateful for the warmer weather and all of the flowers in bloom.

8. The ability to take two walks a day now that I’m home more.

7. Reconnecting with friends I haven’t talked to in a while.

6.  My pink holiday azaleas that haven’t died. Shocking!

5. The ability to drive to my parents’ home and work from there.

4. Technology to FaceTime, text and see those I love.

3. The ability to return to calm, hope and compassion.

2. All of the helpers. They are everywhere.

1. Health and well-being.

Now it’s your turn!