How to Make Kindness Fierce at Work [Video]

How to Make Kindness Fierce at Work [Video]

Wise You,

It can be challenging to lead with kindness, especially if your kindness was taken advantage of in the past or if your work environment isn’t warm.

I get it. When I entered the workforce in the mid 90s, phrases like, “Greed is good. Every man for himself. Let’s crush the competition,” were commonplace. Being kind at work wasn’t something executives valued for the most part.

But times have changed and they are changing for the better at work.

We now know that leaders who express high warmth are the most effective leaders according to research. “If you’re seen as low-warmth, you have something like a 1-in-2,000 chance to make the top quartile of effectiveness as a leader,” notes Loran Nordgren, associate professor of organizational management at the Kellogg School of Management.

You can 100% lead with kindness and simultaneously express strength and power.

But how?

In this 2-minute video, you will learn how you can make kindness fierce.

I wish I was aware of this tip earlier in my career. Not only will this help you professionally, you’ll use it often in your personal life, as well.

Leading with kindness is NOT a weakness. It takes courage, vulnerability and bravery to lead with kindness.

Now that’s powerful.

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